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review the flight plan

let it fly //   be productive 

We want your time at EXPO to be informative and productive — we want you to depart with your head full of ideas and your feet fleet and light as air,

so we've created work sessions to help you get the ball rolling, get guidance, and get work done! During designated work time, the EXPO staff will circulate to assist advisers and students as they tackle any yearbook tasks. Here are a few ideas:


  • Finalize the visual/verbal aspects of your theme

  • Design your cover and endsheests

  • Design theme pages — opening, closing, dividers

  • Brainstorm mod ideas and design them

  • Create your folio

  • Create character styles / style guide

  • Etc.


• Plan your year.

• Create a production plan with mini deadlines.

Itemize staff responsibilities.

• Create to-do lists and checklists.

• Decide how to use YBK & eDesign curriculum.

 Decide how to assess work and issue grades.

• Etc.


  • Setup your eDesign staff

  • Setup eDesign

  • Practice using eDesign and Canva 

  • Setup eBusiness.

  • Setup eShare.

  • Explore

  • Etc.

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